The Black Friday sale on Ares Games e-commerce website has started: until Monday, December 12th, hundreds of games and miniatures from Ares and partners are offered with a discount up to 70%, with free shipping worldwide for orders of $200 or more - $150 or more if shipping to Continental USA.

Among the offers of the Black Friday sale, Sails of Glory Ship Packs, Wings of Glory Airplane Packs, and Sword & Sorcery Hero Packs are 30% off; Black Rose Wars Hidden Thorns and Familiars expansions are 50% off; board and card games like Diabolik and Masters of the Night with 50& of discount, and Dungeon Time, Jolly Roger, Behind the Throne and Monsters vs Heroes with a 70% discount.

The sale includes also bundles as This War of Mine: The Board Game and both expansions, Waste Knights Second Edition and Tales from the Outback expansion, with 15% Discount, and the War of the Ring Ultimate Bundle at the special price of $ 165,00 (regular suggested retail price: $ 214.60), with free promo cards and free shipping anywhere in the Continental USA.

Many of the items has limited stock, so order today to not miss out on your favorites. Check out the Black Friday offers at

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