Against the Shadow, the awaited solo and cooperative expansion of War of the Ring – The Card Game, has arrived in Ares Games warehouse in US and will start to hit the stores starting from October 27th. In Europe and other regions, Against the Shadow will be available in the following weeks. The new Shadow Card Box and Sleeves (Balrog version) releases alongside the expansion, allowing to hold the all-new Shadow cards contained in it.

Against the Shadow: solo/cooperative version for War of the Ring - The Card Game.

War of the Ring - The Card Game immerses players (2 to 4) in the quest of The Lord of the Rings, allowing them to explore their own version of the trilogy, using uniquely designed card decks representing the strengths and weaknesses of the peoples and characters who fought in the War of the Ring. Each player controls one or more of the factions, either on the side of the Free Peoples or of the Shadow Armies. The expansion Against the Shadow allows to play alone or with a friend, with all-new Shadow cards adapted to use with a simple flowchart, enabling the player(s) to command the Free Peoples against the Shadow bots.

Shadow Card Box and Sleeves - Balrog version.

The new Shadow Card Box and Sleeves (Balrog version) features the wonderful art created for the Shadow cards, with the Shadow logo by Francesco Mattioli, the iconic “Doors of Durin” art by John Howe, and the “Whip of Many Thongs” illustration by Andrea Piparo. It also includes 60 premium clear card protector sleeves for the faction cards and 30 large card protector sleeves for battleground and path cards.

For more information about the expansion and the new Card Box and Sleeves, visit the War of the Ring section.

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