Ares will present three upcoming releases for the first time at Gen Con 2023 (Booth #541, August 3-6, Indianapolis): Quartermaster General East Front, the first 2-player game using the popular Quartermaster General game system; Kings of Middle-earth, the long-awaited third expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition board game; and Fire and Swords, the second expansion for War of the Ring – The Card Game.

Quartermaster General: East Front, the first QMG 2-player game.

Game designer Ian Brody, author of Quartermaster General and War of the Ring – The Card Game, will present the preview of Quartermaster General East Front, in two sessions. On Thursday, at 11:00 am, and on Friday, at 3:30 pm. Quartermaster General: East Front is a fast-playing card-driven game which depicts the deadly struggle between the Soviet Union and Germany, with an in-depth look at one of the major operational theaters of the World War, allowing players to recreate this historical conflict in less than 2 hours. The game is due to release in October 2023.

On Friday, at 10:30 am, Ian Brody will host a preview session of Fire & Swords, the next expansion for War of the Ring – The Card Game which will include new scenarios, most significantly one that allows up to 6 people to play. It will feature 60 faction cards, 9 new paths, 9 new battlegrounds, and 13 Skirmishes, a new type of battleground to represent the smaller settlements and fortifications of the War of the Ring - places like the Fords of Isen and Bree. The expansion will add three new factions to the game - Northmen for the Free Peoples; and Easterlings and Ruffians for the Shadow. Fire & Swords is expected to release in Spring 2024.

Kings of Middle-earth, the third expansion for War of the Ring board game, which players are eagerly waiting for, will be presented on Friday, from 12:30 am to 3:30 pm with Roberto Di Meglio – one of the three designers of War of the Ring - attending. Kings of Middle-earth will focus on the role of the rulers of the Free Peoples, and their weaknesses, expanding the part they played in the story. The new expansion will introduce Sovereigns and Dark Chieftains, two new types of characters, used to represent important personalities of Middle-earth with a vital role in the War of the Ring, with new figures and rules to bring to life Théoden, Denethor, Dáin, Brand, and Thranduil. Kings of Middle-earth is planned to release in Q4 2023.

For more information about the preview sessions, visit the Ares Games’ booth at GenCon - #541.

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