War of the Ring - The Card Game: pre-releasing at Spiel 2022.

At Spiel 2022 (October 6-9, Essen, Germany, Hall 3 F-101), Ares will launch a new release in their popular “War of the Ring” line: War of the Ring – The Card Game, an epic game with beautiful art and fast-paced mechanics that allows players to journey to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”. Ares will also present to the public for the first time Orconomics, a cut-throat economic game with a unique setting – the world of Orc business. Visitors will find both games, together with the rest of Ares Games’ catalog, at their stand in Hall 3, F-101.

War of the Ring – The Card Game is a new multi-player game inspired by Tolkien’s trilogy. Designed by Ian Brody - creator of the Quartermaster General series – War of the Ring – The Card Game is as thematic as the best-selling and award-winning War of the Ring Second Edition, but simpler, more portable and more accessible. The game is team-based and asymmetrical: each player controls one or more of the factions in War of the Ring, either on the side of the Free Peoples or of the Shadow Armies, using a unique deck, reproducing the strengths and weaknesses of the specific factions they play with. The first copies of the game and exclusive promo cards will be available at the show. Ares is also offering the option of an Essen Pick-up to anybody who preorders the game from our web shop.

Orconomics: play the rough world of business.

Orconomics is "the" boardgame to recreate the chaotic economic world of modern Orcs on the gaming table. Backstabbing, ripping off opponents, taking away their industries - all is legit, if you get to the top of the Orc jet-set. Two to five players compete to establish Companies in ten different industrial sectors, using their actions to create Startups and develop them to become proper corporations; or they can get a presence in an industry sector by winning auctions. To win the game a player needs to be the first to found 10 companies - or sometimes even less if they successfully fulfill some business quests of Greed, Rage, or Dare. The game will release in retail after the Kickstarter fulfillment, with a limited number of copies arriving at Spiel.

The classic deduction board game Inkognito, designed by Alex Randoph and Leo Colovini.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the master of game design Alex Randolph, Ares Games is bringing back the classic deduction board game Inkognito, one of his most beloved games, co-authored with Leo Colovini. The reprint of the game will be available during Spiel 2022, and will be in stores before the end of the year.

At Ares Games’ booth, attendees will also find the full range of products for Sword & Sorcery - Ares' solo and cooperative dungeon crawler, with new heroes, new adventures, and exclusive promo items. Special deals will be available, and visitors will have a chance to get the last copies of the recent Sword & Sorcery Kickstarter release, Ancient Chronicles, including all the components of this new cycle: three campaign sets, new Heroes, multiple accessories, and additional miniatures.

Visit us at Essen Spiel 2022 - Hall 3, F-101.

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