On May 4th, 100 years ago, the game designer Alex Randolph was born. Alex's brilliant mind gave birth to the 1982 "Spiel des Jahres"-winner Sagaland, Twixt, and many other games. Alex (1922-2004) had a long and intense life, spent living and traveling in many countries of the World, - until he settled in Venice, creating there a "school" of game design which, to this day, includes talented creators like Leo Colovini, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello.

Apart from his personal achievements, all game designers - not just his "disciples" - have a debt of gratitude with him: it was through Alex's constant battles with publishers, together with his dedication and professionalism, that designing games was recognized as a "true profession" - and, as a consequence, today's games normally feature the designers' names on their cover, something which was absolutely exceptional in the past.

The board game Inkognito, designed by Alex Randolph with Leo Colovini.

On this special day, we are very excited to announce that one of his most beloved games, Inkognito, co-authored with his "disciple" Leo Colovini, is now back in print and will release again in 2022 in English, Italian (with Oliphante), and Korean (with Heidelbear Korea).

Find out more about Alex Randolph's biography and ludography, and all the activities to celebrate Alex's 100th anniversary, at Studio Giochi website.

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