Galakta Games section is updated with the upcoming sci-fi deck-building and strategic game The Shadow Planet: The Board Game. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2021, and is expected to release to retail in July 2022, with English edition distributed by Ares Games in North America and other countries outside Europe.

The Shadow Planet: a retro sci-fi board game based in an Italian graphic novel.

The Shadow Planet: The Board Game is a retro sci-fi game, based on the Italian graphic novel by the Blasteroid Bros, and inspired by movie classics, such as "Forbidden Planet", "The Thing", or "Alien". Designed by Gianluca and Giacomo Santopietro, authors of "Letters from Whitechapel", The Shadow Planet blends the idea of hidden identities with a revolutionary approach to the deck-building genre, offering a unique gaming experience and a chance to use a completely different strategy every time you play.

Players have to choose between six different characters and draw the secret goal they want to achieve, using their special abilities on different locations to solve the mystery and achieve victory.

For more information and images, visit the game's page at Galakta Games section.

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