The Fate of Erebor mini-expansion.

What if the Battle of Five Armies was lost by the Free Peoples? The Fate of Erebor, a mini-expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition, allows to play an alternative scenario of the game. Previously announced as a bonus to be included in the first printing of the revised edition of The Battle of Five Armies, the set will be also available in distribution by September 2021.

When playing the War of the Ring boardgame, we assume the “historical” outcome for the Battle of Five Armies. The Fate of Erebor is a variant which you play assuming the Shadow player won the Battle of Five Armies, changing the course of history drastically. With a few, subtle changes, the mini-expansion “adapt” the game to this possible outcome, featuring a rule sheet, four board overlay tiles to place on the game board, and eight alternate cards.

For more information, visit the War of the Ring section, now updated to include this upcoming set.

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