The reprints of Sails of Glory Starter Set and Game Mat, and Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2 sets and game mats have arrived in our warehouse in US and are ready to ship to distributors. Players who were waiting for these itens can ask their favorite local or online retailer to get them.

WW2 Battle of Britain Starter Set.

For Sails of Glory, the arrivals include the long awaited Starter Set and the Game Mat. For Wings of Glory lines, the WW1 Duel Packs and the WW1 Rules & Accessories Pack, and the WW2 Battle of Britain Starter Set are back, as well the three Game Mats - Countryside, City and Noman's Land.

The reprints of the sets and game mats will also arrive soon in the Ares' warehouse in Europe - they are expected to be available in April 2021.

For more information about these items, visit the Sails of Glory and Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2 sections.

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