The shipping of Collector's Edition of The Battle of Five Armies, a unique limited-edition item, has finally started. The first copies have been sent out from Ares' China warehouse, in the Asian hub. Other five hubs will be used to deliver the game in different regions - US, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia.

The first warehouse to receive the game was VFI Asia in China, where the shipment landed just in time to start sending out rewards to some of the Asian customers (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand), before the Chinese New Year holiday. Other Asian countries, Latin America, and Africa orders will be fulfilled after the warehouse reopens, in February, 23rd. Tracking information is being provided directly from VFI Asia to customers.

A container with the production for US and Canada hubs is in transit and scheduled to deliver at the US warehouse in Indiana around February 20th. From there, Canadian copies will "jump" to the Canadian warehouse. US and Canadian customers can expect fulfillment in late February/March.

The container for the European hub is ready to be picked up with destination Ludopackt, Germany, and is waiting the next booking available, after the Chinese New Year holiday. European customers can expect fulfillment in March. Also UK customers can expect to receive their copies in March. Asmodee UK (formerly Esdevium Games) will handle the logistics and fulfillment in post-Brexit UK, and a full container is being consolidated for shipment.

In Australia, the fulfillment will be handled by Ares' distribution customer, Rival Sky. Australian and New Zealand backers can expect their copies in late February/early March.

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