Ares announces a new partnership with Pendragon Game Studio to distribute the English retail edition of The Thing - The Board Game, the official board game inspired by the 1982 horror sci-fi cult movie “The Thing”, directed by John Carpenter. The game was launched on September 22nd on Kickstarter and reached the funding goal in only 90 minutes. The crowdfunding campaign will run until October 14th and the game is expected to ship to backers in December 2021 and release to retail afterwards.

The Thing - The Board Game on Kickstarter.

The Thing - The Board Game is a ‘hidden role’ game played over a series of rounds, mixing different mechanics and an engaging characters depth to bring to the tabletop a tense, cinematic experience for 1-8 players.

In the movie, a research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims. The game focuses on the emulation and assimilation properties of the Alien, hiding its identity under a veil of fake humanity. The Alien’s true objective is to escape from the base. It can choose to hide itself and collaborate with humans to escape along with them; or decide to reveal its true nature and show up as a monster with the power to assimilate the other team members. On the opposite, the human players must try to survive, maintaining the Outpost 31 functional, and choosing the best way to escape, using the helicopter, the snow cat or the rescue team - and testing the team members to reveal the Alien’s presence.

The Thing - The Board Game: a ‘hidden role’ game for 1-8 players.

The game is designed by the Italian authors Andrea Crespi (Alone, Apollo XIII and Potion Explosion) and Giuseppe Cicero, and developed by Pendragon Game Studio, publisher of Aye Dark Overlord and many other successful games. The Thing is Pendragon’s second Kickstarter Project – the first was Last Aurora, a post-apocalyptic game for 2-4 players racing to escape from a frozen wasteland, successfully funded in July 2019 and now shipping from the factory (the retail edition of Last Aurora, published by Ares, will release after the KS fulfillment).

For more information about The Thing – The Board Game, and to pledge, visit the project page on Kickstarter and join the The Thing Official Board Game group on Facebook.

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