Finally, French-speaking "The Lord of the Rings" fans will be able to play the War of the Ring Second Edition board game in their own language: Ares' French publishing partner, Nuts! Publishing, launched on September 9th a pre-order campaign for a Limited Edition of the game, scheduled for release in 2021 - if the pre-order goal of 400 copies is reached. A regular edition of the game will be available afterwards.

War of the Ring Second Edition: French limited edition by Nuts! Publishing.

This deluxe limited version contains the base game and many additional elements - the Strategy Guide, including the shorter "Breaking of the Fellowship" scenario, special dice, an additional plastic insert, and more. The pre-order campaign will be online until October 9th and offers several items as optional add-ons, including a unique playmat and a personalized insert to organize the box.

War of the Ring - Second Edition is already available in 9 languages, but it was never released in French. The first edition of the game, designed by Roberto Di Meglio, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, was released in 2004. Second Edition, published by Ares in 2011, improves upon the First Edition in both graphic and content, with larger cards, an improved gameboard, and an extensive revision of rules and cards.

For more information and to pre-order, visit Nuts! Publishing website.

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