The crowdfunding campaign of the solo/cooperative vampire boardgame Masters of the Night ended on February 5th on Kickstarter with 1984 backers, 92,295 dollars in funding, 22 days of interactive storytelling, and 33 goals unlocked.

Masters of the Night was launched on Kickstarter on January 14th, with a funding goal of $25,000, reached in 48 hours. In its 23days, the project unlocked 27 stretch goals and six social goals, adding significant enhancements to the game. The stretch goals to unlock were decided using the vote of the backers, who could choose between different options, at the same time influencing a "choose your own path"-style story and the rewards in the campaign.

The Arrival of Imre and his family in an unfamiliar new city, their fight for domination or survival, has been one of Ares Games most exciting Kickstarter campaigns, with an amazing community of supporters. Ares and Igrology thanks all backers for their support to Masters of the Night project on Kickstarter.

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