The crowdfunding campaign to the solo/cooperative vampire game Masters of the Night is in its final stretch on Kickstarter. With 24 hours to go, the project is 300% funded and counts more than 1,600 backers. All stretch goals have been unlocked, and in the final hours the project will grant "one wish" for each $ 5,000 in funding above $ 75,000, from a backers' wishlist of many ideas for stretch goals they gave during the campaign - for a maximum of three wishes at $ 90,000. The campaign ends on February 5th, at 23:00 CET.

Masters of the Night: Premium Box unlocked at $75K pledged.

In Masters of the Night, a Vampire family, arriving in a new and unfamiliar city after a long journey, is challenged to survive and establish their rule. With the help of minions, loyal servants of the Vampire family, players will fight against the agents of the Inquisition trying to stop them. The project on Kickstarter offers an Standard edition of the game and a limited-edition Premium version, including all content of the Standard edition, and enhanced by special items, designed and manufactured to the highest standard of the game industry.

The 24 funding goals unlocked added to the game new districts (the Graveyard, Chinatown, Black Market and one backer created), new Event cards, new relics (Glyph Protection, Arcane Key, Soil of the Motherland), and backer created and customizable district, event cards and relic. For the Premium edition, the goals also added a set of 9 minion miniatures, 12 agent miniatures, the special character Count Dalv, deluxe Vampire Sheets and dread sigil metal tokens, so now it includes 28 figures (including a KS exclusive character), metal tokens and a deluxe box, on top of the contents of the Standard Edition.

The time is running out! For more information and to pledge, visit the project on Kickstarter -

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