Masters of the Night, the solo/cooperative game by Igrology and Ares Games, hit its initial funding goal of $25,000 on January 16th, 48 hours after its launch on Kickstarter. As we write, the project has over $29,000 pledged, with more than 640 backers, with the two first stretch goals unlocked and the third goal unveiled. The campaign will run until February 5th.

Graveyard district tile: the first stretch goal unlocked on Masters of the Night KS campaign.

The first unlocked stretch goals add a new district tile to the Kickstarter rewards - the Graveyard and an extra set of event cards, which gives additional depth to the new location added. The next goal, $30,000, is a new relic card. The stretch goals to unlock are decided using the vote of the backers, who can choose between different options, at the same time influencing a "choose your own path"-style story and the rewards in the campaign.

In Masters of the Night campaign on Kickstarter, the updates weave, together with backers, the first tale about the struggle of the characters to survive first, and dominate in the end, their new home. So each update places a spotlight on some of the features of the project, showing something new and also asking backer's feedback to move forward in the narrative. With the help of the backers' choices, the campaign and the next goals take shape.

In addition to the pledging, backers are called to support the campaign also with activity on social media. Social Stretch Goals will unlock new content for the game: on BoardGameGeek, they can vote for their favorite art, and the next goal is to reach 250 fans, while on Facebook they can vote for their favorite character for getting its backstory - to be unlocked at 2,700 followers.

For more information about Masters of the Night and to pledge, visit the project on Kickstarter -, check the game’s page on our website and follow the game on Facebook.

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