Following the announcement of the partnership to publish and distribute worldwide Mega Empires, in March 2024, Ares Games and Colossus Games unveil more information about the new line of civ-building games. In addition to the revised edition of the base games Western Empires and Eastern Empires, rebranded as Mega Empires: The West and Mega Empires: The East, it will include Neoprene Game Mats and the Special Buildings expansion. Pre-orders will open soon.

Mega Empires: The West and Mega Empires: The East are two “colossal” board games covering the development of ancient civilizations over 8,000 years of history. Players lead their civilizations by trade, conflict, and cultural advancement, as they expand from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age to the end of the Iron Age. Mega Empires: The West is suited for 5 to 9 players and focuses on sea travel, expansion, and trade across the Mediterranean Sea. Mega Empires: The East can be played with 3 to 9 players, creating empires along the Silk Road to India and trading through the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.

The new edition will bring rulebooks streamlined and partly rewritten to enhance consistency and readability, based on the feedback and questions from the community of thousands of dedicated players,s to improve the clarifications and examples.

Mega Empires: new line of civ-building games coming in late 2024

Considering the high demand for larger Neoprene Game Mats, the Mega Empires' line will include separate one-piece mats for both the games, at 125% scale. These mats will fit together seamlessly, and will be a premium product and an upgrade to the games.

A new edition of the Special Buildings Expansion will be also published, with some rules updated, taking out of several complexities whilst giving the buildings more versatility in play. This new edition will include all 18 buildings and an additional board to store them.

For players who already own the very first edition of the game, Mega Civilization, an update pack with rules for 3+ players, its components, and the Market board will be available.

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