Dungeonology: The Expedition - the scholars.

Dungeonology: The Expedition, the atypical dungeon crawler where the characters are scholars challenged to submit the best thesis on a mysterious Civilization in a remote Dungeon to become the new professor of University of Rocca Civetta, is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the stores in the US on November 20th. The game releases alongside its first expansion, Erasmus, and the Custom Sleeves accessory.

Set in the Renaissance world of Nova Aetas, Dungeonology will lead players to the discovery of different Civilizations in order to learn their histories and customs, being careful as the locals will not always be happy with the intrusion. The base game, Dungeonology: The Expedition, contains four heroes and all the material needed to face the Laetus dungeon that develops on 19 tiles.

Scholars' cards of Erasmus expansion.

The Erasmus Expansion Box increases the choice of Scholars and expands the game up to six players. This expansion presents four new scholars, each coming from a different part of the world. The Custom Sleeves set is a special accessory to protect and preserve the cards, customized with the game logo, in full 4-color printing.

Dungeonology is designed by Ludus Magnus Studio, and its English edition is published and distributed worldwide by Ares Games. The game will be released in other English speaking countries in the following weeks.

For more information, visit the Dungeonology section of our website, and read the interview with the designers Diego Fonseca and Danilo Guidi.

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