Ares Games host the first demos of two upcoming games at Essen Spiel 2019 (October 24-27, Essen, Germany): at the booth Hall 3, E100, visitors find previews of Masters of the Night, a fully cooperative game where players are members of a Vampire family, and 303 Squadron, a cooperative board game inspired by true historical events, with players taking on the role of 303 Squadron's pilots to defend Great Britain against the German offensive.

Masters of the Night is a new cooperation between Ares Games and Igrology, designers of the 4X board game Master of the Galaxy and the card game Nightmarium. In Masters of the Night, a Vampire family - just arrived after a long journey in a new, unfamiliar city - is slowly regaining its former power. With the help of their minions, players will fight against the agents of the Inquisition, cast fear into the hearts of the people with their Hunts, and prepare for the grand Blood Moon ritual that will confirm their grasp on the city and seal its fate. Masters of the Night is a game for 1 to 5 players, and it’s expected to be on Kickstarter this Winter.

303 Squadron is an intense, fast-paced board game with scenarios based on the deeds of the the real 303 Squadron, the most effective RAF unit during Battle of Britain, recreating how their pilots fought – and won – against the German offensive. Each pilot is a hero on his own, with a unique ability, that the player needs to use skillfully. The mechanics are based on the combination of a distinctive combat card system and specially designed dices. The game will be published by the Polish company Hobbity, with its English version distributed to English-speaking countries by Ares Games. 303 Squadron is planned to launch on Kickstarter in late November.

It will be possible to see and play both games at Essen Spiel 2019, booth 3-E100, from Thursday to Sunday.

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