The Galakta Games section is now updated with information about "Days of the Siege", the second expansion for the best-selling game This War of Mine: The Board Game. Expected to release in January 2020, the new expansion will give players a unique opportunity to experience a truly epic narrative and choose their role in events that are about to change the fate of Pogoren forever.

Days of the Siege, second expansion for This War of Mine: The Board Game

Days of the Siege includes both a story-driven, 3-act War Campaign as well as the Orphans module, allowing you to foster a child during the siege. These add completely new rules and give the players a chance to shape the future of the war-engulfed city while also enriching the game with new challenges and moral choices. The expansion features seven detailed miniatures, a 2-panel City Board depicting Pogoren, and new Location Cards to be used both in the base game and in the expansion campaign.

For more information about This War of Mine: The Board Game, its first expansion Tales from the Ruined City and the upcoming Days of the Siege, visit Galakta Games section.

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