Ares Games and Ludus Magnus Studio announce a partnership to bring Ludus Magnus’ games, in English edition, to hobby stores worldwide, starting with the magical combat game Black Rose Wars, successfully funded with a campaign on Kickstarter that raised $1,311,558 in pledges, supported by 8,364 backers. Ares will publish and distribute the retail edition of the game, different in content from the version received by Kickstarter backers.

Black Rose Wars: the magical combat game by Ludus Magnus Studio.

The agreement brings to the next level the creative collaboration between Ludus Magnus and Ares, which already produced miniature crossovers between Sine Tempore and Galaxy Defenders, and between Black Rose Wars and Sword & Sorcery. Ludus Magnus also designed several of the miniatures for the new Sword & Sorcery cycle, “Ancient Chronicles”.

Black Rose Wars is a board game where powerful mages of the Black Rose Order strive to become the new Supreme Grand Master of the Lodge and acquire the mighty power of the Black Rose Artifact and of Forgotten Magic. One to four players will duel in a series of epic battles, using their arcane powers, and taking place in the magical rooms of the Black Rose manor. Mages have at their disposal six schools of magic and can develop a unique strategy to annihilate their opponents and increase their power, using different and powerful spells.

The game was a hit on Kickstarter last year, and the Kickstarter edition features lots of components, added as stretch goals, and KS exclusives. The retail version to be published by Ares Games will be different of the KS edition, being adapted to distribution in the hobby market in terms of size and retail price, while still providing a fully satisfying gameplay experience.

Dungeonology, now on Kickstarter.

Ares will also publish and distribute the retail edition of the most recent Ludus Magnus project, now on Kickstarter: Dungeonology, an atypical dungeon crawler where the characters are students: their goal is not to free the area from hordes of monsters, or to collect huge treasures, but to study the dungeon, take notes, and stay undercover. Whoever gathers more, or better, information, can be the first to discuss a thesis and raise to the role of Dungeonology professor. For this campaign, Ares and Ludus Magnus will also create a new crossover with Sword & Sorcery: one of the most loved characters of the game, the Necromancer/Summoner Onamor, inspired by one of the designers, will become one of the students in Dungeonology.

“We love what Ludus Magnus Studio is doing – their games have amazing gameplay value and beautiful components. This young and energetic studio was very successful on Kickstarter, but their creations deserve to reach an even wider audience, and we will work together to make this possible,” said Roberto Di Meglio, Director of R&D of Ares Games.

“Ares Games does not need an introduction - it is a well-established reality in the tabletop games market, and we are proud to have achieved this agreement. Now our games can reach the tables of fans all over the world”, declared Andrea Colletti, CEO & Art director of Ludus Magnus Studio.

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