The second shipment of WAR OF THE RING Second Edition has just landed in our U.S. warehouse, with the second printing of copies of the board game and also including two accessory products, the “War of the Ring Second Edition Upgrade Kit” and the “War of the Ring Second Edition Card Box and Sleeves”. They are being shipped to the distributors starting today and will reach the US stores in about 2 weeks.

The Upgrade Kit features all the Event and Character cards included in the War of the Ring Second Edition, , featuring full color art by John Howe. The cards are provided in a bundle together with card protectors and in a tin box to protect them. Together with the revised edition’s rules available for free download, the kit allows first edition owners to play the 2nd Edition without the need of purchasing a complete new game.

For players who just want to store and protect their War of the Ring Second Edition cards, the solution is the Card Box and Sleeves accessory, which includes 120 custom sleeves that fit the tarot-size cards and the special tin box.

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