Hexemonia: mighty city-states struggle for dominance in ancient Greece.

The English edition of Hexemonia and Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes, published by Pendragon Game Studio and exclusively distributed by Ares Games in North America and non-European countries, start to hit the US stores on July, 27th.

In Hexemonia, players lead city-states in the ancient Greece striving for supremacy. From humble beginnings they must grow their might and power by gathering resources from their holdings — gold, citizens and Hoplite warriors — and use them to expand their city and curry favor with the gods.

The strategic game Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes.

Waterloo: Enemy Mistakes is a strategic game about the immense last battle of Napoleon Bonaparte that forever changed the destiny of modern Europe. It recreates the clash between the British lineup, helped along by the Prussian army, and the French one, with players at the command of the armies.

For more information about these games, visit the Pendragon Games section . The rulebook of both games are available for download.

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