The crowdfunding campaign for the racing and betting game Divinity Derby ended on March, 24th, with $52,684 pledged - 439% funded, and 974 backers. Before the end of the campaign, all goals were unlocked, improving the rewards with deluxe components, additional cards, and more. Divinity Derby is expected to release in September 2017.

The game was offered on Kickstarter in two options: the Deluxe Edition, Kickstarter exclusive, with painted miniatures, and Standard Edition, which is the same edition to be available on retail after backers fullfilment. Along the campaign, the unlocked goals allowed to add to the game three unique individual powers to the player-Gods, Fate tokens and Creature Powers, in both the Standard and Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition will also include two new Gods, a special booklet, the Divinity and Creature Compendium, and other physical improvements to the components. Two other gods, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Cthulhu, were included as a free add-on to Deluxe Edition or a $5 add-on for the Standard Edition.

During the campaign, Ares ran three giveaway contests, one on BoardGameGeek and two on Facebook. The Divinity Derby Contest on BGG offered free copies of the Deluxe Edition of Divinity Derby or another Ares Games’ Euro or Thematic game (chosen between Aztlán, Inkognito and Odyssey – Wrath of Poseidon, or Last Friday). About 3,400 members took part to the contest, and the winners are the BGG members Chris Chapman, George Louie, Adam Thompson, Eric Franklin, Ian Murray and Emperor Grace. On Ares' Facebook page, followers had the chance of win a game in our Euro range, chosen between Aztlán, Inkognito or Odyssey. The winners of the first contest are Guillaume Cusson, Sophia Ngo and Jeffrey Pratt, and of the second contest, Devon Bronkler, Fabrizio Pedata and Geoffrey Alexander.

Ares Games thanks all the backers who supported the project and everyone who took part in the contests! If you couldn't join the campaign on Kickstarter, there will be the chance of late pledges after April, 5th, when the pledge manager will be online. To remain updated about the game, follow the Divinity Derby page on Facebook.

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