An unique event took place in the prestigious backdrop of the Museo Egizio of Turin, Italy, on December 2nd: “Ancient Egypt comes into play”, the presentation of the board game Pyramidice, by Ergo Ludo Editions and MS Edizioni, published in English by Ares Games. In Pyramidice, players take the role of great Egyptian architects competing to build the greatest Pyramid on the Giza plateau, combining engineering and labor with the worship of the ancient Gods.

The event started with a conference where the game designer Luigi Ferrini, the artists Quentin Regnes and Oscar Casel, the historical consultant Prof.Marco Mengoli, the graphic designer Marco Pantaleoni, and the developers Daniele Ursini e Lorenzo Maria Conti talked about the different phases of the game creation and development. They explained the attention to the historical accuracy and the challenge of making an original game about a theme that inspired many other titles before, both on the visual aspect and on the mechanics and gameplay. The publishers involved in the project also talked about their engagement on it, represented by Alessandro Lanzuisi (Ergo Ludo Editions), Paolo Veronica (MS Edizioni), and Roberto Di Meglio (Ares Games).

After the conference, attendees participated in an immersive game experience, playing Pyramidice inside the impressive "Gallery of Kings" of the Museum, with the game tables surrounded by pharaohs, ancient Gods and sphinx statues at half-light. The evening ended at Jolly Joker Game Caffe, where people could continue to play the game and get a chance of getting it signed by the game designer Luigi Ferrini and the illustrators Quentin Regnes and Oscar Casel.

In our photo gallery you will find some pictures of this special event.

*Photos by Giacomo Mearelli.

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