Ancient Egypt has always been the ideal framework for every kind of artistic work; its story, full of immortal characters, fearsome deities and incredible feats of engineering continues to inspire authors in every field.

Pyramidice: a game set in Ancient Egypt with great attention to historical details.

Pyramidice, the new game by Ergo Ludo Editions and MS Edizioni, published in English by Ares Games, focuses on the construction of the Pyramids on the Giza plateau by great Egyptian Architects, and on the worship of the ancient Gods: 38 Egyptian deities are featured in the game, each with their own characteristics.

Presenting our board game in such an important place as the Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy - the most important museum outside of Egypt, the second collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world - is going to be a unique event and certifies the attention to historical details we used in developing Pyramidice.

In the opening conference, designers, illustrators, and developers will provide in-depht insight about the creation of the game; then, we will play Pyramidice inside the "Gallery of Kings" of the Museum, a fascinating and immersive location which will increase the connection of all participants with the game’s setting.

Participation to the event is by invitation only - for more information contact

Following the event, the evening will continue with open game sessions at Jolly Joker Game Caffe, with the chance of getting the game signed by the game designer Luigi Ferrini and the illustrators Quentin Regnes and Oscar Casel.

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