Almost 900 backers, over $42,000 pledged, 3 stretch goals and 1 social goal unlocked: the Divinity Derby Kickstarter campaign entered its third day with great achievements and a new social goal at sight: just 10 more people to reach 100 fans on BoardGameGeek to upgrade the cards and punch boards to 20% heavier card stock.

Divinity Derby, a racing and betting game, now on Kickstarter.

Divinity Derby, a racing and betting game, now on Kickstarter.

The stretch goals achieved in the first 72 hours unlocked two unique individual powers to the player-Gods, in both the Standard and Deluxe Edition, and a new God in the Deluxe Edition - the Great Cthulhu, complete with its deck of betting cards and godly powers. The Deluxe Edition will also have all card holders upgraded from plastic to wood, thanks to the first social goal unlocking.

The next stretch goal is a booklet which will be added to the contents of the Deluxe Edition - the DIVINITY COMPENDIUM, a very funny romp across myth and legend, telling more about the various gods in the game and what they are doing at the Derby. New goals will be unveiled as the current ones are unlocked, adding more contents and improving the components and presentation of the game.

Backers and people interested on Divinity Derby can now find more resources to learn about the game. In addition to the videos produced by Ares to present the game and to show how to play, several beta copies were sent to reviewers and there are already three videos and one written reviews posted on the web - and more will come. The links are shared at the "Reviews and Previews" section on the KS campaign page.

The Divinity Derby campaign will run until March 24th, at 11:00 PM CET (10:00 PM UTC/GMT). For more information and to pledge, visit the Divinity Derby project on Kickstarter and the game’s page on our website, and follow the Divinity Derby’s page on Facebook.

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