Countdown started for the new Ares Games' crowdfunding project: Divinity Derby will be on Kickstarter starting March, 1st, at 03:00 PM CET (01:00 PM UTC/GMT), and a teaser trailer of the game is now online on You Tube.

Divinity Derby is a race and betting game for 3 to 6 players, age 10 and up. A party on Mount Olympus quickly turn into a crazy race of mythic flying creatures, and the gods bid on (and influence) the outcome of the race, with the Olympic “All-father”, Zeus, as the ultimate judge.

See below the teaser video:

The game is designed by Carlo A. Rossi, with cards illustrated by the excellent Denis Martynets and the miniatures modeled by master sculptor Bob Naismith.

Follow the Divinity Derby’s page on Facebook for sneak previews of the game and stay tuned for more details about the Kickstarter project.

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