A new section is now online on Ares Games e-commerce website, until now used as Pre-order System and Pledge Manager for our Kickstarter campaigns. In the Other Items section, remainders of closed KS campaigns and items low in stock, not normally available in stores, are available for direct sale in limited quantities.

Other Items section offers KS remainders and products low in stock.

Other Items section offers KS remainders and products low in stock.

In every KS campaign, a limited number of the items is manufactured, on top of the exact number of rewards requested by backers, for customer care purposes, in case a shipment is lost or damaged. After the fulfillment of each Kickstarter, some of these items are left in our warehouse, and now we are offering them on our e-commerce system.

Presently, the section offers products from Age of Conan, Galaxy Defenders and WW1 Wings of Glory Kickstarters.

All the items are offered at regular price, and with a flat shipping fee of USD 15.00 (USD 20/$25.00 when shipping outside of Continental USA, UE, Canada). Shipping is free worldwide for orders above US$ 150. To see more information and check the items available for sale, visit ks.aresgames.eu/other-items.

In addition to KS remainders, the e-commerce will also offer some products which are low in stock and hard to find at the retail level. The first item in this case is the War of the Ring Second Edition - Upgrade Kit, with less than 30 copies left in stock.

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