Dungeon Time project on Kickstarter is its final rush - the campaign ends in two days, on July 14th. During the weekend, a bonus goal was unlocked to celebrate surpassing the mark of 1,000 backers, and on Monday, a new funding goal was achieved, with $25,000 pledged. Two new goals have been announced, and three social goals we hope to unlock in the final days of the campaign.

The bonus reward is the second adventure card - The Scroll of Life, now added to the game contents. The $25,000 funding goal unlocked a Reference card to help players keep track of their "path to glory," providing a handy summary of all the levels and bonus levels in the campaign.

The next funding stretch goals are $26,000 - which will add two more heroes to the game (the Orc and the Gipsy) - and $27,000 (adding a score board to keep track of the achievements between missions). The two social goals are 750 fans on FB page to unlock a free 5-minutes downloadable soundtrack to be used while playing, and at 400 fans on Boardgamegeek, a high-quality tray to fit all the components (including sleeved cards).

The time is running out... check the Dungeon Time project on Kickstarter right now!

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