Three new games start to hit the US stores from July 28th - and in other countries in the coming weeks: the euro-thematic game Cangaceiros, the family and party game Ensemble, and the economic game The Rich and The Good.

Cangaceiros: run a band of Cangaceiros,
legendary bandits in Brazilian northeast.

Cangaceiros is a strategic competitive game set in Brazil in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Feared throughout the Brazilian northeast, the "cangaceiros" were bandits who fight for honor and freedom, standing against the abuses of large landowners called Coronéis and the government. In the game, each player (2 to 5) plays a gang that tries to survive in the hostile desert territories, hunted by the Volantes, the state police trained to kill them. Each band will have a chief to choose from the 20 available, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics.

Ensemble: a family/party cooperative game for close-knit groups.

Ensemble is a visual, art-based cooperative game, easy and fast to play, for two to 10 players. They are challenged to “think” in syntony with each other, without communicating, voting the best match between the revealed cards - what's the best match to a Christmas tree: a crocodile, a small girl, or the pyramids? The ultimate goal is to prove that they are a close-knit group that can overcome any challenge, much like musicians in an orchestra.

The Rich and the Good: new edition of the classic Hab & Gut.

The Rich and the Good is a new edition of the cult classic “Hab & Gut” - the first in English language. In The Rich and the Good, players trade in commodities from all over the world, having access to inside information to aid their investments and manipulate the markets. The game uses an unusual “shared card hand” mechanic and an original victory condition - getting rich and being a benefactor at the same time.

The three games will be demoed and available for sale at Gen Con Indy, at Ares Games' booth - #541. For more information about the games, check our Euro & Thematic Games and Family Games sections.

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