Dungeon Time project on Kickstarter enters today in its second week with over $21,000 pledged and more than 900 backers. The campaign ends on July 14th, and new stretch goals and add-ons were announced. Two giveaway contests, on Boardgamegeek and Facebook, are running to support the campaign.

Dungeon Time was launched on Kickstarter on June 29th, reaching the initial funding goal of $5,000 in two hours, and the first stretch goal, $10,000, in 8 hours from the launch. In one week, 5 stretch goals were achieved – three funding goals and two social goals, adding new rewards to the Kickstarter Edition of the game.

The unique heroes "Courtesan" and "Necromancer".

The unique heroes "Courtesan" and "Necromancer".

The funding stretch goals already unlocked add to Dungeon Time the first Adventure card and Adventure scroll, "The Apprentice's Book," a new unique Hero, the "Necromancer", and a physical improvement to the game packaging: an embossed and foil stamped version of the game. The Kickstarter Edition also includes another Hero, not present in the retail version - the Courtesan.

The first two unlocked social goals (related to fans on Boardgamegeek and on Facebook) upgraded components to a higher level.

The next funding stretch goal - $25,000 - will add to the Kickstarter Edition of Dungeon Time a nice little accessory - a Reference card to help players to keep track of their "path to glory," as it provides a handy summary of all the levels and bonus levels in the campaign.

The next two social goals will unlock a free 5-minutes downloadable soundtrack to be used while playing and a high-quality tray to fit all the components (including sleeved cards).

Ares Games also announced add-ons for backers who are eager to increase their support to the project: a selection of fine games from Ares' catalog: the recently released Co-mix and Jolly Roger, and the upcoming Behing the Throne - coming in August 2016. They can be added to the pledges as single games or in a bundle.

Giveaway Contests

Ares Games is also running two giveaway contests. On Facebook, the "Dungeon Time 3x3x3 contest" gives to three people a chance to win three Ares' games of their choice (for a maximum value of $ 270 SRP), just going to Ares' Facebook page, commenting on the Contest post, and then sharing it with their friends. The winners will be announced on July, 17th, at 4 PM CEST.

The giveaway contest on Boardgamegeek.com started today and runs until July 12th. BGG members will have the opportunity to win free copies of the Kickstarter Edition of Dungeon Time or for who is already a backer – a copy of another Ares Games’ family or card game, currently available or upcoming (chosen between Behind the Throne, Co-mix, Jolly Roger, Quickpick).

Dungeon Time is a real time, cooperative card game of exciting dungeon adventures and catastrophic failures, designed by the Italian author Carlo Rossi and illustrated by Denis Martynets. Three videos are already available presenting the game - Dungeon Time – Kickstarter Trailer, Dungeon Time - Short Introduction, and Dungeon Time – Gameplay.

To know more about the Dungeon Time Kickstarter project and to pledge, click here. To remain up-to-date about the game and the campaign, follow the Dungeon Time Facebook page.

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