The crowdfunding project for the real time, cooperative fantasy card game Dungeon Time is now online on Kickstarter. With an initial funding goal of $5,000, the campaign will run until July 14th.

BREAKING NEWS: 2 hours from launch, Dungeon Time is already funded!

Dungeon Time is a real time, cooperative card game of exciting dungeon adventures and catastrophic failures, designed by the Italian author Carlo Rossi and illustrated by Denis Martynets. The game can be played in solitaire or cooperative mode, with simple core rules but challenging gameplay. The difficulty can be tailored to players’ taste and skill level, and players can choose to play a single game, in 10 minutes, or enjoy a full campaign in one evening. A new 5-minutes gameplay video shows, almost in real time, the basic concept of how the game plays:

Dungeon Time campaign on Kickstarter presents three pledge levels, "Dungeon Adventurer," "Dungeon Party," and "Dungeon Lord." An Early Bird "Dungeon Adventurer" is available during the initial 24 hours of the Kickstarter. The "Dungeon Adventurer" pledge level ($25, $22 for Day One Early Bird) includes a copy of Dungeon Time Kickstarter Edition and all stretch goals unlocked during the campaign, while the "Dungeon Party" level ($90) includes four copies of the Kickstarter edition and all unlocked stretch goals, allowing players to make a group pledge to save money on shipping charges.

The third pledge level, "Dungeon Lord," is aimed at retailers, and includes 8 copies of the Dungeon Time Kickstarter edition at a 40% discount on a normal pledge.The suggested retail price for Dungeon Time will be $30.

Dungeon Time contents initially include 48 Mission cards, 48 Item cards, 8 Hero cards, 24 Reward item, a backpack board, and a sand timer, but the Kickstarter edition will include extra features to make the game even more strategic, challenging, and fun. Following the initial goal of $5,000, the first stretch funding goal is set at $10,000: the adventure “The Apprentice’s Book” will be unlocked, with one adventure card and one adventure scroll to be added to the KS edition of the game.

Extra rewards will be added through social stretch goals. The first one will unlock deluxe reward tokens and cardboard tokens to replace the reward card when the game achieves 500 fans on its Facebook page or 200 fans on BoardGameGeek.

Dungeon Time is planned to ship to backers in December 2016, from Ares Games main warehouse in the USA and from secondary warehouses in Australia, Canada, and Germany. No customs charges will apply to backers in Australia, Canada, European Union, or USA.

In addition to the gameplay video already available, players interested to learn more about the game can download the rules (not the final version) from the Kickstarter project page, as well a demo set of cards to print and play.

To know more about the Dungeon Time Kickstarter project and to pledge, click here. To keep updated about the game and the campaign, follow the Dungeon Time Facebook page.

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