Which are the most anticipated games of the new year? On BoardGameGeek, a member of the community, Rick Vinyard, launched for the 7th year a huge contest inviting the gamers to vote the upcoming releases they are waiting for. After the votation ended, on January 23rd, the results of the Twenty Most Anticipated Games of 2016 were announced, and Ares is proud to see four of our upcoming games among the finalists, selected between hundreds of upcoming new games already present in the extensive BGG database.

Sword & Sorcery is in the Top 20 Overall list and shows up in other five categories: Fantasy (6th), Cooperative (6th), Solitaire (8th), Original/Innovative (11th), and Thematic (16th). Warriors of the Middle-earth is among the Top 10 in the categories Novel-based (7th), Fantasy (9th), and Expansion (9th) and War of the Ring Anniversary Release is the most anticipated wargame and fourth most anticipated in the Novel-based category. The Age of Conan expansion, Adventures in Hyboria runner up in two categories, being the 11th in the Novel based category, and the 19th in the Fantasy category.

To see all the results, click here.

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