The crowdfunding campaign to fund the new epic-fantasy cooperative board game Sword and Sorcery started today on Kickstarter, with an initial funding goal of $75,000. The campaign will run until November 13th, at 3 am CEST (1 am UTC/GMT).

The Sword and Sorcery Kickstarter project presents only two pledge levels: “Legendary Hero”, for individuals, and “Emporium”, for retailers. A Day 1 – Early Bird is available for individuals during the first 24 hours after the project launches, with a 10% discount on the normal pledge amount.

The “Legendary Hero” pledge is $110 ($99 for Early Birds), and its reward, the Sword and Sorcery KS Exclusive edition, includes the retail edition of the game, complemented by a wide range of unique Kickstarter contents and all Stretch Goals unlocked along the KS campaign. The “Emporium” pledge is $440 and includes six copies of the Kickstarter Edition, including all unlocked stretch goals.

More details about the pledge levels and rewards, as well the campaign video, can be seen here. See also the first preview article about the game.

The Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy Co-op board & miniature game is the sixth Kickstarter project of Ares Games, following five highly successful campaigns: in 2013, Sails of Glory (delivered to backers in January, 2014) and Galaxy Defenders (delivered to backers in April, 2014); in 2014, Galaxy Defenders - The Earth Strikes Back (delivered to in September, 2015), Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's back! (scheduled for delivery in January 2016); and this year, Wings of Glory – Giants of the Sky (delivering in November 2015). Ares Games also acted as consulting partner of the crowdfunding project “Restoration of Pazzi Chapel Loggia,” of the Opera di Santa Croce (Florence, Italy), which successfully ended on December 20th, funding the restoration of a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.

For more information and to pledge, visit the Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy Co-op board & miniature game page on Kickstarter. See also the game’s website –, and follow the Sword & Sorcery Board Game Facebook page.

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