Ares Games is attending the Spielwarenmesse 2024 - Nuremberg Toy Fair this week (Hall 10.0 Booth F-05) presenting three new games to be released in the second half of the year: the thematic games Altay – Dawn of Civilization and Viking Route, and the family game Builders of Sylvan Dale. At the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Ares also presents two new expansions for its best-selling games: War of the Ring The Card Game – Fire and Swords and Sword & Sorcery – Northwind Tales.

Altay - Dawn of Civilization: a unique fusion of deck-building, civilization development, and area expansion.

Altay – Dawn of Civilization, designed by Ole Steiness and Paolo Mori, is a deck-building, civilization development, and area expansion game set in a secluded region where four mysterious societies have cultivated distinct cultures over countless years. Maintaining a delicate balance with nature and amongst themselves, they now confront a new challenge: the influx of settlers, bearing advanced crafts, weapons, techniques, and an entirely different way of life. Players, as leaders of Altay's original people, must decide whether to embrace the newcomers and their innovations, or to adhere to ancient traditions; expand their kingdoms, or cultivate new knowledge; build monuments to last forever or crush their enemies.

Viking Route: sail a magical Drakkar to the World's Edge and beyond.

Viking Route is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, with an ingenious compass-and-magnets movement mechanic. Heroes sail a magical Drakkar to the World's Edge and beyond. Influenced by magical ravens and by the winds of Fate, they will face powerful and monstrous creatures out of the Norse Mythos. The main game piece, the Drakkar, is represented by a compass, and multiple magnets (the Ravens and Wind) are manipulated by the players to steer the course of their ship. Players also must manage the resources of the Drakkar and their hand of cards to confront opponents and achieve the goals of their quests. Viking Route is designed by Martino Chiacchiera, Luca Maragno and Guido Albini.

Buiders of Sylvan Dale: a three-dimensional tile placement game.

● After the Great Disasters, a new chapter in Sylvan Dale’s history has begun. The Elders have called on you and your fellow architects to design a new woodland realm - a haven perched in the high embrace of the Great Trees. Guide the builders of Sylvan Dale as they construct dwellings and bridges and hanging courtyards. Builders of Sylvan Dale, designed by Peter Ridgeway, is a unique three-dimensional tile placement game - play a card and place a new building tile on top of the ever-taller trees in the forest, collecting sets of cards to gain special actions. Get your buildings to stand out high on the trees, above those of your peers, and brighten the forest with your colors.

● The second expansion for War of the Ring - The Card Game, Fire and Swords introduces new battlegrounds for the “War in the North,” new factions, a new type of location called Skirmishes, and many new characters from The Lord of the Rings. This expansion accommodates up to six players, and various scenarios allow you to play with lower player counts. Additionally, the solo/cooperative game version of all the new Shadow cards is included for use alongside the first expansion, Against the Shadow. Fire and Swords is due to release in June 2024.

● The second Act for Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles is coming in Summer 2024: in Northwind Tales the heroes will journey to a land plagued by cold winds and snow, face a fearsome Viking army led by a conqueror named Wotan, find Yggdrasil, the tree that supports the universe, and face the threat of Níðhöggr, the undead dragon. Northwind Tales is an high level campaign expansion, with nine Quests linked together in a free-roaming adventure, providing an exciting ending to the Ancient Chronicles storyline.

More information about these upcoming games and expansions will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned!

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