The reprint of War of the Ring Second Edition and its first expansion, Lords of Middle-earth are now shipping to distributors and soon arriving in stores.

Treebeard figure

As a special way to celebrate the return on the shelves, until September 30th, 2015 (or until stock lasts), the promotional figure "Treebeard" will be added free of charge to all Lords of Middle-earth's orders we receive from our distributors and retail customers (one Treebeard per copy of Lords of Middle-earth).

Treebeard can be used when playing War of the Ring, either with or without the Lords of Middle-earth.

The character can be recruited in Fangorn by Gandalf, and he is then able to muster the Ents by himself, and raise them against the armies of the Shadow. He can also become involved in battles in the area around Fangorn and in Rohan.

If you were waiting the return of Lords of Middle-earth, don't lose this chance, and ask your local store today for a free Treebeard promo when purchasing your copy of the expansion!

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