Ares Games is supporting the Kickstarter project to restore the Pazzi Chapel in the Church of Santa Croce, one of the most beautiful landmarks in Florence, Italy. To help the project, we decided to auction some of our games - The Battle of Five Armies, Galaxy Defenders, Sails of Glory, War of the Ring 2nd Edition, Inkognito and Dino Race.

A piece of the grey sandstone decoration of Pazzi Chapel Loggia to be restored.

A piece of the grey sandstone decoration of Pazzi Chapel Loggia to be restored.

The auction was launched on BoardGameGeek community on November 26th and will end on December, 10th. The highest bidder for each game shall donate an amount equal to his or her bid as a pledge to the "Restoration of Pazzi Chapel" project on Kickstarter. In addition to the rewards matching the pledge level offered by the project, Ares will send the auctioned item(s) and a special "thank you" letter signed by the authors.

Brunelleschi's Pazzi Chapel is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, and its loggia requires urgent restoration. It's built in pietra serena, a grey sandstone that, by its very nature, tends to crumble over time. A closer look at the façade, the columns and the sculpted decorations allows to see extensive damage and the need of restoration. Every dollar can make the difference, so everyone is invited to consider a pledge to the project, even if not winning a bid. It's a good cause!

To see the auction items and bid, click here. For more information about the Opera Santa Croce campaign, visit the project page on Kickstarter - Restoration of Pazzi Chapel Loggia at Church of Santa Croce.

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