The battle is won, the enemy host scattered, the gates breached! Our enemies are crushed and driven before us! The Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's Back! campaign on Kickstarter to publish the "Adventures in Hyboria" expansion ended after one month with $ 101,097 pledged and 1791 backers. The final stretch goal, $ 100,000, was reached in the last few minutes.

"The project proved, beyond doubt, that our Age of Conan Strategy Boardgame still has a strong and loyal following and that it deserved to be brought back to the market - as a living and evolving game," said Roberto Di Meglio, Director of R&D of Ares Games, and one of the game authors. "Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's Back!" became the most backed project (in terms of number of backers) that Ares Games ever had.

This is the fourth Kickstarter project of Ares Games, following three highly successful campaigns: in 2013, Sails of Glory (US$ 276,745 pledged, 1183 backers) and Galaxy Defenders (US$ 180,252 pledged, 1080 backers), both already delivered with a very positive feedback from backers. In May/June 2014, Galaxy Defenders - The Earth Strikes Back was funded (US$ 259,000 pledged, 1264 backers), and production is in progress with a confirmed delivery schedule at the moment.

Ares Games thanks all backers for their support and also the licensing partners who helped us to succeed - FunCom, who came to our rescue on their amazing Strategist's Steed for the Age of Conan Unchained MMO, and Shire Post Mint, who forged the first Hyborian coins in record time to show how beautiful they are to our backers. Thank you all for allowing us to bring Age of Conan Strategy Board Game back!

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