The Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's Back! campaign on Kickstarter to publish the "Adventures in Hyboria" expansion is in its final rush. Three days before its end, the project counts more than 1,500 backers and over $ 78,000 pledged, with seven Stretch Goals unlocked.

The initial funding goal - $ 10,000 - was reached after only 75 minutes from the launch, and the first stretch goal - $ 20,000 - was achieved in less than 6 hours. Other two goals, at $ 30,000 and $ 40,000, were unlocked by the end of the first day. After this explosive launch, the campaign proceeded at a steady pace, unlocking three more stretch goals $ 50,000, $ 60,000, and $ 70,000, and becoming the campaign with more backers since Ares Games started to use Kickstarter.


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The next Stretch Goal, $ 80,000, will provide PDF downloads of all Adventures in Hyboria language-dependent components in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Other two Stretch Goals were unveiled for the last effort to grow the campaign and get the funding into the lofty realm of six-digits campaigns.

At $ 90,000, a set of Hyborian Gods cards and token will be added to the expansion to make each game develop in a unique way, as the presence of Gods will affect also the better strategy; at $ 100,000, Adventures in Hyboria will include three new Conan plastic figures, to represent the Barbarian in each of the three different evolutions of his rise - from young adventurer, to Mercenary and Hero, to King of one of the most powerful Hyborian Kingdoms.


Rewards_80000 Rewards_90000 Rewards_100000


New add-ons were also announced- special Hyborian-themed metal coins manufactured by Shire Post Mint to replace the cardboard coins and tokens in the game. Backers can add to their reward one or more sets of coins to handle the finances of one Kingdom, 'Skull' Coins to use in the game as "Crom, Count the Dead" metal tokens and 'Scroll' Coins, to use as "Sorcery" metal tokens.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until November, 10th at 4 AM CET. For more information and to pledge, visit the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's back! Kickstarter page.

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