After achieving the initial funding in only 75 minutes, the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's Back! campaign on Kickstarter ends its first day with impressive strides: over 400% funded, $ 43,000 pledged and 900 backers. All three initial stretch goals were achieved in less than 24 hours, and Ares Games set two new stretch goals, at $ 50,000 and $ 60,000.

The first stretch goal, $ 20,000, was achieved in less than 6 hours from the launch of the project, adding a set of Sorcery Cards to the Kickstarter rewards. A few hours later, the campaign reached $ 30,000, unlocking the second stretch goal - the upgrade of the Spytokens to miniatures. During the night, the $ 40,000 stretch goal was unlocked - an Age of Conan Cloth Bag to use when drawing Adventure Tokens.

The next Stretch Goals are set at $ 50,000 - adding 9 Cursed Item cards and 6 additional Adventure Tokens to the contents of the expansion - and at $ 60,000 - a set of 12 Conan's Chronicles cards, to make the end of each adventure unique.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until November 9th. For more information and to pledge, visit the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's back! Kickstarter page.

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