The Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's Back! campaign on Kickstarter started today at 03:00 PM CEST (01:00 PM UTC/GMT) and in 75 minutes the funding goal of $ 10,000 was achieved. The project is in the Hot List of Tabletop Games category on Kicktraq.

The next stretch goal is $ 20,000, and its achievement will unlock a set of Sorcery Cards for each Kingdom, to differentiate the use of Sorcery for each player. There are other two stretch goals set - at $ 30,000, Adventures in Hyboria will include Spy miniatures replacing 20 Spy cardboard tokens, and at $ 40,000, an Age of Conan Cloth Bag - to use when drawing Adventure Tokens - will be added.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until November 9th. For more information and to pledge, visit the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game - It's back! Kickstarter page.

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