The Galaxy Defenders section has been updated with three new files available for download: the complete Storybook and the rules of two competitive variants for the game: Galaxy Ball and Alien Mind. The rulebook, which was already available, has been replaced with the revised version used in the game reprint.

The 54-page Storybook gives detailed instructions about how to set up the missions in Galaxy Defenders and also includes the rules needed for Campaign mode.

The Galaxy Ball is a sport-like, competitive, 2-players variant for Galaxy Defenders. In this game, you will play a sport match, similar to American Football, but with armed players! Two teams of Bashers, one human, one alien, face off to assemble the four fragments of the Alien Tech trophy.

The Alien Mind variant allows to transform the game into a competitive affair, with one player becoming the alien mastermind, controlling the alien army and cards in play, and also expands play for up to six players.

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