A single-player mode of 300: Earth & Water is now available. Set in the Greek-Persian Wars, 300: Earth and Water is a card driven wargame for two players designed by Yasushi Nakaguro. The solo variant was created by the French reviewer Arié ZARKA, better known under the pseudonym "Dés100Solo", the same name as the one used for their YouTube channel.

In 300: Earth and Water, one player controls the Greeks, guided by Athenians and Spartans, and the other controls the Persians, led by the King of Kings, to see who will control more cities than their opponent. In the solo mode, the player takes the role of the Greeks, while the Persians are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called “PERS.IA” - a wink combining "PERSE" and "AI" (IA in French).

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300: Earth & Water - Single-player mode (English rulebook) (582 downloads )

Arié talked about the creation of the solo rules to the Nuts! Publishing's blog : "When I bought and played "300", I immediately saw the potential of a solo version. In my design, it was essential to keep the essence and mechanics of the base game. But one of the major surprises of this adventure was the process of creating the rulebook. Between the initial intention of what we wanted to transmit and the perception of the player reading it, important nuances can arise. I would like to underline the considerable efforts made by the Nuts teams to fine-tune every detail of the booklet, ensuring a smooth experience for players."

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