The Galaxy Defenders - The Earth Strikes Back! ended with $ 259,166 pledged - 647% funded - and 1264 backers.

In 21 days, 28 stretch goals were unlocked. The stretch goals up to $ 300,000 (not achieved by the end of the campaign) were also unlocked by Ares Games and Gremlim Project as a "Thank you" to the game supporters.

The campaign had a great start, reaching the funding goal of $ 40,000 in less than 5 minutes and surpassed $ 150,000 pledged in the first day. Then the funding continued at a slower pace, closing with almost $ 260,000 pledged. "This Kickstarter was amazing - full of positivity, genuine enthusiasm, love for the game, support to our company. Even if we didn't have a final rush, it was a great achievement, surpassing the campaign for the first season of the game, and almost equaling our Sails of Glory campaign" said Roberto Di Meglio, director of production of Ares Games.

Ares Games and Gremlim Project thank all backers and will now continue working to wrap up the Kickstarter campaign, and the backers will have a chance to make their choice of rewards and options using the Pledge Manager.

The backers, as well other people interested in the game, are invited to follow the Galaxy Defenders Facebook page, the Galaxy Defenders section in Ares Games website, and the dedicated website to remain up to date about the game news and continue to discuss it at the official forum.

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