Galaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol is an expansion for Galaxy Defenders, launching together with Operation Strikeback in our new Kickstarter campaign, “The Earth Strikes Back,” starting on May 28th.

In Extinction Protocol, the agents cross a portal to the invaders’ home planet, to fight the final battle against the Aliens. To fight the worst enemy they have ever faced, the Agents can count on a new generation of weapons, including awesome Power Armor.

Extinction Protocol - Into the darkness for the final battle.

Extinction Protocol - Into the darkness for the final battle.

Extinction Protocol brings the Galaxy Defenders saga to a new, epic level. The adventure begins after the Agents defeat the Aliens on the Moon, and they find the portal to the dark Alien planet...

The Story

Extinction Protocol advances the storyline beginning in the campaign included in the Core Set and continued in Operation Strikeback. While the story is linked to the past deeds of the agents narrated in those sets, this expansion can be played with or without Operation Strikeback.

After defeating the Aliens on the Moon, the Agents find the source of the invasion: a Portal connecting our satellite to the planet of the Xeno invaders. The Agents must enter the portal to bring the battle to the home ground of their opponents, to end the war and become true Galactic heroes…

They understand this might well be a one-way only trip. But, as Agent Chromium says, “How could we ever rest, knowing that one day this horror may return, either against us or another unfortunate planet? We stand ready to answer the call, Sir. We will fight.”

HQ is ready to equip them for this challenge. Fortunately – awesome Power Armor, much more advanced than any equipment they had before, has been developed and is ready to face the test of battle. Armed with the new gear, the Agents step through the portal…

So begins the final act of this farthest war.

Preview of some  components to be featured in Extinction Protocol expansion set.

Preview of some components to be featured in Extinction Protocol expansion set.

New features

In Extinction Protocol, the journey through the six missions begins as the Agents reach the Alien planet. To fight their enemy, they must enter darkned caves and corridors, cross underground lakes, travel through alien temples, and face the ultimate challenge in the terrible Queen’s chamber.

The underground of the alien planet is formed by thousands of narrow corridors and caves. To properly represent this new setting, a new system of modular tiles creates the game board, using smaller tiles with a variable number of areas. These tiles remain fully compatible with all the maps of the GD Universe, so you can create custom missions. This new system, combined with standard map tiles, create an unique game experience.

Below ground, alien menaces lurk in the shadows. Insidious opponents – and sometimes, precious resources – appear on the battlefield as Stationary Signals, which are only be revealed when you are close to them… In addition, the doors of the underground Alien Base are protected by an enhanced security system that allows access only to the owners of the right encrypted keys!

To accomplish the final task, our agents will be dressed and armed like gods of war! Thanks to the new GD-Ranks, each agent can acquire new skills and tactics, including tactics that can be used without spending actions.

Power Armor Profile Sheets.

Power Armor Profile Sheets.

More important, they can make the battlefield to quake with their Power Armors, Mankind's ultimate weapons. The use of these exoskeletons empowers the Agents with new abilities and allow the Agency to deploy devastating firepower against their Alien opponents.

Each Power Armor is represented by a unique figure and by its Power Armor Profile Sheet. Unlike Power Suits, that are used by any character, each Agent uses a unique style of armor. Each armor has completely different weapons and powers, and transforms the Agent in a lethal war machine!

The only limit of Power Armor is that they require a lot of energy. Each maneuver requires the use of power, so to best use utilize Power Armor, Agents must learn how to use the Armor’s reserve of energy in the most efficient manner.

All these features and much more are included in the Extinction Protocol game expansion.

“There are things you can’t fight - Acts of the gods.
When you see Extinction coming, you only get out of the way.
But when you wear Power Armor, you can finally fight Extinction. You can prevail!”

The next article will be focused on the deadly aliens (single and multi hexes) that populate the Alien world!

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