As we wrote in the previous article, in Galaxy Defenders Operation Strikeback expansion the Agents will fly to the Moon, and they have new tech and new abilities ready to fight on the new battlefield. Yet, the alien invader will not sit idly on old glories: they will muster new aliens - with new abilities - to face the heroes from Earth.

Many of the new alien attacks use new combat mechanics. One example is "Lethal Hits" - each Lethal hit not absorbed by Energy Shields or canceled/reduced by items & powers deals one damage to the defenders’ Health Points with no possibility to roll Defense dice. Another example are "Critical Hits," which inflict wounds with additional modifiers due to particularly accurate hits.

Now... Let’s see the new aliens Agents will encounter on the dark side of the Moon:

Flying Critters: one of the new enemies to face on the Moon.

Flying Critters: one of the new enemies to face on the Moon.

Out of the blue

In Operation Strikeback , new enemies will threaten the Agents, adding a new dimension to the battlefield: the sky.

The vicious Flying Critters are winged creatures able to swoop down on their unsuspecting prey and rip them apart with wicked claws or head-butt them with their strong, heavy skull. But, they are also able to grasp an Agent from the lunar surface to bite at him, and they always attack immobilized prey with cruel and devastating efficiency.

And, if these beasts of prey were not enough, the Aliens will field a new type of armored troop, the Xeno-Delta. Equipped with heavy armor, wrist gun, and a pulsar rifle, the Xeno-Delta are Lunar Shock Troops, fighting aggressively to defend the Alien Moon Base. They are able to heal themselves, and their leaders have additional healing abilities, making them a valuable asset for Aliens in every battle. Their defensive system uses backup energy shields, which activate when their primary shields are down.

Xeno Delta: Lunar Shock Troops

Xeno Delta: Lunar Shock Troops

Furthermore, the Xeno-Delta have a "Mark Locking System" - a shared targeting computer system designed to increase the effectiveness of attacks. They can mark their targets so other Xeno-Delta in the team can hit with better accuracy.

Finally, both the Flying Critters and the Xeno-Delta can Fly, so that they are able to move through the Barrier terrain type!

Menaces from the deep

Even more dangerous, the Aliens have developed a new biological weapon to operate in the Moon's low gravity: the Diggers. These worm-like creatures can dig under the surface, rapidly reaching the battle area, and they can surface suddenly to attack the Agents from beneath. As they can feel even the slightest vibration, Diggers are immune to any form of stealth, and can inflict gruesome damage with their sharp fangs. Their biological systems produce a deadly hemotoxin the Diggers can spit toward Agents.

And if that wasn't evil enough, the Diggers always move in swarms, patrolling the dark caverns beneath the Moon (or creating new tunnels) in search of the puny Earthlings; their ferocity is doubled in the swarm, as each Digger will bite savagely at every possible target.

Diggers: menace from below.

Diggers: menace from below.

A swarm of Diggers is far more dangerous than any of the swarms encountered on Earth thus far, because each swarm element has more than one hit point, so it is more difficult to kill.

Diggers can also, as the name suggests, Dig. For this reason, they are able to move through Barrier terrain type, and they are able to withdraw underground when they feel threatened. To represent this, these aliens can be attacked only when they are in state of Vulnerability (that is, as long as they are on the surface).

The Master Alien

The Diggers aren't the biggest threat under the surface of the Moon, because there is an even more deadly lifeform engineered by the Alien scientists to defend their Moon Base: the Wormoon. This gigantic worm resembles an enlarged Digger, with much greater abilities and strength. Its bite can literarily tear an agent apart, and its body is heavily armored, so Agents will be able to inflict very little damage against the gigantic beast. Of course, the Wormoon is even more poisonous that its smaller relatives.

Wormoon: Master Alien with oversized card.

Wormoon: Master Alien with oversized card.

The Wormoon oversized card has two distinct sides - If the Agents manage to bring the Wormoon to zero HPs or less, it will "evolve" into a new, more wicked form. This time, the Lunar beast will even be able to swallow an Agent whole, and the unfortunate hero will then suffer damage from the powerful digestive acids of the creature. The Wormoon is very hard to kill, and it represents an incredibly powerful threat to even the strongest, most experienced agents of the GD Agency.

Furthermore, its Artificial Intelligence is a bit more advanced than that of a "normal" Alien. In fact, the Wormoon introduces a new A.I. mechanic, "Menace Agent." the Master AI bases its behaviour not on the closest agent, but on the agent that inflicts the most damage on the Master Alien itself (or the Agent making himself more of a target...).

In the next article, you will learn more about the second expansion to be launched on Kickstarter: Extinction Protocol.

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