Galaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback is the first of two new expansions for Galaxy Defenders to be launched with a Kickstarter campaign, starting on May 28th.

In Galaxy Defenders – Operation Strikeback, the Agency prepares to counterattack the Alien invaders. With new technologies and new weapons, agents launch a strike against the alien base on the dark side of the Moon with the help of genetically modified agents, facing new alien menaces and terrible creatures.

The Story

The scenarios included in the expansion develop the storyline begun with the campaign included in the Core Set. Little time has passed since the destruction of the Alien invader's mothership, and the GD team is already armed and ready to end the war once and for all!

As the Agency plans the assault on the Alien Moon base, new technologies are studied and new weapons are readied. A gigantic shuttle transports the team and part of the Agency HQ to Earth's natural satellite.

Arriving on the Moon, the team and the agency gape in wonder at the alien technology. The Moon surface is changed, completely wrapped in an invisible force field that allows them to breathe. Even gravity has been increased to Earth-like values – all without altering the Moon’s structure.

Operation Strikeback - Assault on the dark side of the Moon.

Operation Strikeback - Assault on the dark side of the Moon.

But the scientific supremacy of the invading Alien army also hides the exact location of its base. The Agents will have to search each sector, to find and defeat the invaders.

This time our heroes will not be alone in facing the Aliens… Thanks to the knowledge the Agency acquired during the first conflict, a new ally stands as a pillar of virtue for goodness and law: the members of project Knights!

This platoon of agents has been created from the genetic material of the best GD Agents in history. Although the project is still in its infancy, some operational units will be deployed at the start of the Lunar campaign, along with a special Jet craft, named Deep Blue, to transport them and guarantee support whenever necessary.

New Features

Operation Strikeback adds many new features and new mechanics to make Galaxy Defenders even more strategic, more epic, and more fun.

The six missions included create an epic adventure, and for the first time our heroes will face the highest-ranked invaders in the Alien Army… the Master Aliens!

These lethal opponents are represented in the game by purple-color cards and figures. The Alien card of a Master Alien is twice the size of a standard card. It’s also printed on both sides, each with a different set of stats for the Alien. The Master Alien can flip its card from one side to the other during combat, making its behaviour dynamic and unpredictable.

A common feature of Master Aliens is their “Archenemy” power. They are able to tell at a glance who’s the most dangerous Agent on the battlefield (called the Menacing Agent) and their behavior is influenced by his or her position, rather than that of the closest Agent.

A preview of some components of the upcoming expansion Operation Strikeback.

A preview of some components of the upcoming expansion Operation Strikeback.

Such opponents cannot be fought without the right equipment, and the GD Agency has created new “toys” for the agents, such as the extremely versatile Power Suits. It improves the Agent’s movement… and also gives him the ability to fly, seize bleeding companions and bring them to safety, and unleash a huge amount of firepower upon the alien scum!

Agents will also be endowed with psionic powers. The amazing mind powers they can develop allow them to walk through time, cause lethal and critical hits, predict the future, and much more!

Last, but not least, Agents are no longer alone in this war. A new Non-Player Character (NPC) system allows intelligent non-player agents to fight side by side with the GD squad.

NPCs in Galaxy Defenders are represented by yellow-colored cards and figures, and are handled by an A.I. mechanic similar to the system used for the Aliens. Each NPC card describes the behavior, stats, abilities, and special tactics of that character, so each NPC will act differently on the battlefield.

A player will have the choice to activate an NPC before or after his agent, adding a whole new level of strategy. Human signals in a mission may indicate the appearance of an NPC, who can be added to any existing mission.

In the next article, get ready for a close encounter with the new aliens… a deadly menace waiting on the dark side of the Moon!

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