The Inkognito Mardi Gras Giveaway Contest is over and now it's time to know all the winners!

More than 40 posts were submitted on Ares Games Facebook page, including videos, pictures, thoughts and quotes regarding Carnival, the Spies or Venice. At stake, six copies of Inkognito - A Carnival of Spies in Venice - one each to the three posts with more “Like”, and one each to three best posts according to the judgement of the Ares Games’ staff.

In addition to the copy of Inkognito, the winners will also receive a promo code for a free download of the IOS version of the game - just released for iPad - offered by I-nigma.

The three winners with more "Like" in their posts are Mário R. Cunha (79), Tatiana Tygana (58) and Grupo de Lisboa (48). The other three prizes were assigned by the Ares Games staff. And the winners are...

  • Daniel JK, who posted a scene of "Moonraker" James Bond's spy movie.
  • Michael Edwards, sharing the image "Creepy!".
  • Elianto Nootico, for the image "Agente X in azione"

  • To see all the posts, click here.

    Ares Games thanks all for the participation to this contest!

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