This is the last article of the Galaxy Defenders Preview series, and describes the game's Rank-Up System for agents; it also includes examples on how to "customize” each agent by creating some class templates to maximize operative efficiency on the battlefield.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger”… and GD Agents must become stronger than steel to beat the Alien challenge!

In game terms, fighting aliens can improve the abilities of an agent. During the STRATEGY phase, after the ALPHA AGENT promotion, if at least one alien was killed in the previous round, each agent may try to enhance his rank by rolling 3 RED dice to obtain "X" GD icons, with "X" depending on the rank that must be reached. The path to glory on the battlefield is described in this table:


During the story campaign, each agent may gain a maximum of one GD-Wings rank during each mission.

When playing a single, stand-alone mission there are no limits to rank enhancement; each agent starts the mission with the required rank (detailed in the mission Briefing) and may reach Platinum GD-Wings.

A standard agent starts his career with the COPPER GD-Wings Rank, meaning he can only rely on his starting abilities (printed on the Agent Profile Sheet).

As an agent earns ranks, he gains access to advanced powers; these powers are divided in three categories:

  • Basic Tactic & Improved Tactic: a quick aid in battle, represented by minor powers that can be used several times in each mission.
  • Skill: greater powers that normally can be used once per round.
  • Elite Agent Profile Sheet: when an agent reaches Palladium Rank he becomes an Elite Agent, with more Life Points and - most important - new Armor characterized by the Rechargeable Energy Shield Defense.
In addition to his powers and capabilities, any GD Agent is able to use technological gadgets in the field… because a secret agent without weird devices is like ocean without water… it cannot exist!

An agent can spend his Action activity to use one of his devices, once per mission. After use, device is returned to the GD Warehouse (the game box). It can be used again if the GD Agency sends it back on the battlefield during REINFORCEMENTS in the STRATEGY phase.

Infiltrator and Hulk: a view of the Profile Sheets

Infiltrator and Hulk: a view of the Profile Sheets

Here are some examples of agent customization. In order to better understand these strategies, we need a brief explanation of the different powers.

Powers and items can be divided into three categories:

  • Standard: the power or item can be used once during the Agent turn by spending the ACTION.
  • Passive: the power or item is always active and does not require an ACTION.
  • Reaction: the power can be activated outside of the agent’s turn and does not need an ACTION. When used, it is still flipped (turned face down) or discarded.

Powers and items can be tied either to a specific class or available to all. To identify the latter, look for the keyword “GENERIC.” It means it can be used by all agents, without class restrictions.

Let's take a peek at two different agents: the INFILTRATOR and the HULK; by accurately selecting each power and item during each rank enhancement, the player can build up the perfect agent template for the desired role.

The examples show two different templates for each agent, both based on achieving Platinum Rank:

  • Elite Agent Profile Sheet (B-side of the Agent Profile Sheet)
  • 1 Basic Tactic
  • 1 Improved Tactic
  • 2 Skills
  • 3 Devices

All the templates are presented with standard weapons, but keep in mind, each weapon can be upgraded twice by searching for Alien Technology during a mission.


Galaxy Defenders: Infiltrator template 1

This Template creates the perfect stealth spy, which is very useful for investigative or search & recovery missions. A player with this configuration should try to avoid any direct hostile involvement, attempting to sneak away or kill enemies with the deadly satellite strike.


Galaxy Defenders: Infiltrator template 2

This Template creates a deadly close combat fighter. The assassin can deal a lot of damage to a single target, but must always be careful, as the stealth ability will not work while in close combat with an enemy.


Galaxy Defenders - Hulk Tank template

This Template creates the perfect defender. His job is to lure away aggressive enemies to protect the other members of the GD squad. Although the Tank does not deliver a lot of damage, he can stand like a Wall against the alien menace.


Galaxy Defenders - Hulk template 2

This Template creates an impressive damage dealer. The smasher can unleash incredible firepower by using his MG Weapon, discarding ammo to add additional damage.

The four templates above represent only a few combinations that can be created during the game experience.

Stay tuned!

The Galaxy Defenders Agency

* The screenshots presented in this article were done using the GD Tracker app.

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