After our article about the Galaxy Defenders’ setting, it’s time to learn something about the "Galaxy Defenders" themselves - the characters in the game and their opponents.

The core game features five agents and seven types of aliens. The agents are controlled by the players, the Aliens by the game itself – except when using the "Alien Mind" variant, which allows a player to control the Aliens.

The agents

Five classes of agents are featured in Galaxy Defender’s core game. Each agent has his own profile sheet with specific information - ID (name, class, and status), tactics, ability, armor, primary weapon, secondary weapon, health, movement, and energy shield (available only for Elite Agents). The back of the sheet is used when the agent reaches Palladium Rank, gaining Elite status with improved statistics and Energy Shield Armor.

Biotech's (Agent Thorium) Profile Sheet.

Biotech's (Agent Thorium) Profile Sheet.

Each player chooses or randomly selects an Agent Profile Sheet, takes the relevant figure, and then chooses tactics, devices and skills depending on the campaign/mission rules. If a player may play with more than one agent, with each agent he must act independently, just like in a multi-player game.

The five classes of agents in Galaxy Defenders game are:

Marine - He comes from U.S. Special Forces. An excellent soldier who can manage different combat situations, especially multiple enemies, he has average movement ability and firepower. In the game, Agent Chromium is a Marine. He is a Delta Force commander and has the Leadership ability.

Biotech - The most technologically adept agent in service, he can use Nano-Technology to heal wounds or control war drones, and on top of that, he always has his trusty shotgun for dangerous close encounters! Agent Thorium, the Biotech in the game, is a lieutenant with Field Medic and Techno abilities.

Infiltrator - A deadly and stealthy agent, this lethal specialist prefers hiding in the shadows. Agent Mercury is the Infiltrator in the game. She has fast movement, good short-range combat ability, and is skilled in martial arts.

Sniper - A silent sharpshooter and expert in camouflage and ranged combat, with average movement and excellent long-range firepower. In the game, Agent Iridium is a marksman, the best sharpshooter in his academy days and a gold medalist from the U.S. Olympic team.

Sniper's (Agent Iridium) Profile Sheet.

Sniper's (Agent Iridium) Profile Sheet.

Hulk - A successful ex-mercenary, he is now one of the best agents. Although slow, he enjoys an extraordinary resistance to damage and has impressive firepower. Agent Titanium has a high pain threshold and is a veritable war machine, even if not very fond of discipline.

In addition to the agents, the game also includes two battle drones: the GD-209, with high mobility and firepower, comes equipped with shielded armor and the stationary Sentry Gun, combining lethal firepower with laser aiming sensors that react to any hostile movement. These drones can be used by the Biotech agent.

Six additional agents, one of each class and one generic, were created exclusively for Galaxy Defenders Kickstarter backers.

The Aliens

There are several alien species discovered by the Agency, classified in three color-coded power ranks - Green for the normal form of an alien species, Blue for the more powerful form, and Red for the elite of an alien species. The A.I. system which controls the aliens is handled by two components: the Alien cards, which provide different behavior for each alien breed, and the Close Encounter cards, which recreates the chaos of the battle, when nothing can be easily predicted.

The Alien cards represent the A.I. of the alien and its biological structure. Each Alien Card has nine major sections: Color Rank, ID, Powers, A.I. (A.I. rules and powers affecting the alien’s behavior), Ranged Weapon, Melee Weapon, Armor, Health, and Energy Shield.

During the game, Alien cards are drawn when a signal is revealed or when required by the mission. When the game requires alien activation, the controlling player reads the A.I. Section and applies the first relevant behavior rule. Typically, behavior rules are based on the distance between the alien and agents.

The Alien cards give a different behavior to each alien species.

The Alien cards give a different behavior to each alien species.

The Close Encounter cards determine which aliens must be activated. A Close Encounter card is drawn by the active player at the beginning of each Aliens turn, and may refer to one alien species, one alien rank color, and/or aliens with specific conditions (for example, wounded). All matching aliens on the map must be activated. If there are no matching aliens on the battlefield, the alien turn typically ends immediately. However, some cards are marked with the Danger symbol and, in this case, if there are no matching aliens on the map, new aliens are teleported onto the map.

The seven classified alien species in the game are:

Xeno-Beta - Scout trooper, normal body mass and limited fire power. Agency studies report a moderately aggressive combat style. They favor ranged combat. Their armor seems to allow a limited type of regenerative power, under some circumstances.

Spine Critter - Quadruped alien. Their enhanced senses allow accurate human tracking. Evidence suggests that even when dead, they may inflict damage due to their toxic blood.

Xeno-Alpha - Elite trooper, enhanced body mass, shielded armor, good fire and melee power. Agency studies report an aggressive combat style. It seems to have some type of command role among the aliens on the battlefield.

Aracnos - Very fast, spider-shaped alien, equipped with a strong natural armor. It can be very dangerous in close combat.

Xeno-Grey - Leader of the alien army, its lack of skill with weapons is balanced by its incredible mental powers and its force field ability.

Nexus - Biomechanical form built of an unknown, ultra-resistant metal, armed with deadly weapons. It must be considered extremely dangerous.

Xeno-Beast - The Agency has no significant information about this life form. Agents who contact this Alien must exercise extreme caution.

In the next article, the Galaxy Defenders’ authors will present some noteworthy tactics, skills and devices for the agents.

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