The updated edition of Inkognito will arrive in stores in October and, in addition to the English edition, will be available in other nine languages through the cooperation of our six international partners – Devir (Spanish and Catalan), Iello (French), Kaissa (Greek), Panplay (Chinese), Piatnik (German, Hungarian, and Czech) and Red Glove (Italian).

First published by MB in 1988, milions of copies of Inkognito were sold across the World. The game, created by Alex Randolph and Leo Colovini, is set during a Venetian carnival, in a romantic age of spies, microfilm, hot-air balloons, and fast speed-boats. As a secret agent, players must collect clues, using their deduction skills to recognize their friends and confound their foes, and then discover the secret mission giving victory to their team.

The 'Phantom of Prophecy' randomizer and other figures included in Inkognito.

The 'Phantom of Prophecy' randomizer and others figures included in Inkognito.

The new edition by Ares Games limits changes to those strictly necessary, to avoid breaking the charm of the original game. A new logo was designed, and the lay-out was revised for both the rules and game box, giving a fresh new look to the beautiful art. All the components were revised, including the game board; illustrating a beautiful map of Venice, which was improved to be even more clear and usable.

In gameplay, small but critical tweaks were performed, working closely with the author, Leo Colovini. There is a simple, but important change in the random movement system based upon the Phantom of Prophecy, to open up new game strategies and twists; and a new variant is added to make the game playable by up to 5 players.

To learn more details about the improvements, click here. The English edition is published and distributed by Ares Games. For more information about the other editions, visit the partners’ websites - Planplay, Iello, Piatnik, Kaissa, Red Glove and Devir.

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